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Amanda’s Story

At Wrapped In Wellness, we are all about helping our clients reach their goals. Whether the goal is inch loss, weight loss, detoxing, maintenance or simply relaxing, we truly strive to assist our clients achieve their goals.One of the best parts of our job, is to hear success stories from our clients. If you have a success story, we ask that you post your story and be the continued inspiration for us and others.

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I began my weight loss journey in late February of this year. I am doing a plan called Slimming World along with the Turbo Wraps at wrapped in wellness.

By watching what you put into my mouth and doing the wraps, my body has changed drastically. The wraps give me time away from the busy stressful life that I have, as I work as a nurse on nights. I enjoy being able to watch a movie and know that I am helping my body by just laying in the bed.

The wraps are amazing and will help you change your body and feel great about yourself.

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Dallas: 214-219-9727

Fort Worth: 817-924-9727

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