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Back by Popular Demand, we are excited to announce we are starting our Annual Eight Week Member Weight Loss Challenge.  Last year’s results were so outstanding, and our Members have asked us to start this year’s Challenge right away. After reviewing our 2014 results we were more than happy to oblige their request.

In total, our 2014 10 Member Challengees lost over 90 pounds and over 100 total body inches.  This year participants include Upcoming Brides, Vacation Planners, Reunion Goers, and New Mom’s within our Challenge Mix so each of our Members are completely motivated with an end goal in mind.  Our Wellness Team Members have also decided to join in this year’s Challenge so this will without a doubt be a hand in hand, health and wellness experience.

This year’s Member Challenge we have incorporated a Total Body Approach to help reshape our participants minds, and bodies into a leaner and healthier version of itself.  They will receive Detailed Service Plans, Meal Plans, Fitness Tips, and Constant Encouragement to provide them with a 360 Degree Guide to achieving their very best results.

We are BEYOND excited to determine everyone’s service and menu plans and get start this year’s Challenge Underway and are confident that this year’s group will achieve even better longer, lasting results.

Ready, Set, Let’s go Ladies….2015 is our year!