Are you looking to shed a few inches and pounds while detoxifying your body? Well, we have an amazing body wrap treatment for you that combines all three! At Wrapped in Wellness, our priority is helping you achieve your ideal look and feel your best, while also helping you live a healthier, happier life. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits you’ll receive in getting one of our powerful combination wrap treatments. Please continue reading below to learn about these incredible benefits.

Save Time and Money

Rather than spending time and money getting these treatments done separately, our combination wraps offer the best of both worlds by providing you with a treatment that helps you burn calories, lose weight and inches, and detox your body all in one! Our treatments help you achieve that contoured look and improved health without having to spend hours at the gym. Our amazing combination treatments last for about an hour, and you’ll see results immediately.

Detoxification & Circulation Stimulation

We use an infrared blanket to heat up your body’s core, which opens your body’s pores, improves circulation, and stimulates the release of toxins to improve overall body function. Detoxifying your body helps your fat cells and muscles release toxin build-ups that improves your ability to stay healthy by fighting off common colds. An added benefit of body detox is that increased circulation also decreases muscle tension that causes everyday aches and pains. What is more, shedding those unwanted toxins improves overall health by allowing your body to retain healthy nutrients.

Lose Inches from Your Waist

While gaining the health benefits of body detox, our powerful combination treatments include the application of aloe vera bandages that encourage maximum inch loss through cellulite reduction, resulting in a healthy, contoured appearance. It’s a healthy and efficient way to lose inches from your body in less time than it takes you at the gym.

Shed Stubborn Weight

Along with losing inches, you’ll also shed anywhere from one to five pounds during one of our combination treatments. By combining infrared heat with our concentrated body gel or aloe-soaked bandages (depending on the treatment), along with the body detox, you’ll experience decreased body fat and weight loss. Additionally, you’ll feel calm and relaxed during the treatment, and feel rejuvenated afterwards.

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