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Absolutely No Exercise Required for any Wrapped in Wellness Inch or Weight Loss Services

  1. The History of Body Wraps

    Body wraps have been part of history since the early 1980s, maybe even a little earlier. Back in the 1980s and early 90s, body wraps made their debut to the world. Decades ago, body wraps were made from linen sheets and many of the body wraps we know of today were referred to as herbal wraps. These wraps eventually became plastic and some were replaced by thermal blankets. Services Varied The serv…Read More

  2. Why Choose Wrapped In Wellness

    Over the last couple of years we‘ve heard the same question almost every day, “What is the difference between your Services and other Body Wraps?”   So we thought we’d take a little time to explain the differences. What’s the difference between It Works AND WRAPPED In Wellness?  It Works- Can only Targets one area at a time. The results are temporary, and are known to dehydrate the s…Read More

  3. What Style Spa Wrap to Schedule

    Wedding season is right around the corner, which is why today the professionals at Wrapped in Wellness in the heart of Dallas is giving brides some insight as to when they should schedule their spa wrap and what kind of spa wrap is recommended. Here are the top slimming body wraps you recommended for brides: Detox Wrap Though wrapping your body with a blend of body buff and M’Lis Detox Contour C…Read More

  4. Feel Great and Schedule a Body Wrap

    Feel Great and Schedule a Body Wrap The new year has finally arrived, and many women are doing their part to stick to their New Year’s resolution of getting into the best shape of their lives and feeling the very best they can about the body they have. Whether you’re working out and eating right or trying a new health craze, such as a spa wrap at Wrapped in Wellness, giving back to yourself i…Read More

  5. The Real Benefits of Body Wraps

    The Real Benefits of Body Wraps Are you an individual who would love to experience weight loss in a matter of minutes? Did you know this is possible? That’s right! At Wrapped in Wellness, you can experience losing 6 - 30 inches in as little at 60 minutes while wrapped up in our spa wrap in Arlington. In our previous post, we started giving readers the first two of five amazing benefits they’l…Read More

  6. Why Give Body Wraps A Try?

    Why Give Body Wraps A Try? Body wraps provide your body with a simple, yet amazing result that many users are searching for. Whether you’d like to work hard for your body or not, there’s an easy solution, and that’s with our skinny wraps here at Wrapped in Wellness. Because we believe so much in our skinny wraps, we’ve set out to provide readers with real benefits from our body wraps. 5 B…Read More

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    2015 Wrapped In Wellness Member Weight Loss Challenge

    2015 EIGHT WEEK MEMBER CHALLENGE Back by Popular Demand, we are excited to announce we are starting our Annual Eight Week Member Weight Loss Challenge.  Last year’s results were so outstanding, and our Members have asked us to start this year’s Challenge right away. After reviewing our 2014 results we were more than happy to oblige their request. In total, our 2014 10 Member Challengees lost …Read More

  8. Sun-kissed and Slim with Body Wraps and Airbrushing

    There are some very special occasions where we hope to look our very best. Birthdays, proms, first dates and weddings all make us want to bring out the best in ourselves; accentuating the positive while diminishing the negative. We've all been in the position at one time or another and understand the desire to uncover our natural beauty. Though the sun provides the natural, beautiful youthful glo…Read More

  9. Reduce that BMI with a Weight Loss Body Wrap

    There is a lot of talk about fat loss vs weight loss vs water loss in the body wrap industry. It's often misunderstood about just what a weight loss body wrap helps people achieve. Critics of the use of body wraps for weight loss continue to perpetuate the myth that the reduction in pounds and inches body wrap clients are experiencing is actually from a loss of water weight.  Because the weight…Read More

  10. Real Results, Real Quick with Weight Loss Body Wraps

    How would you rather spend your next hour? Sweating it out at a gym, huffing and puffing uncomfortably while trying burn off that big weekend breakfast or resting comfortably and relaxing quietly while burning the same calories? While thousands file into the gym to spend an hour torturing themselves, Wrapped in Wellness clientele are enjoying body wraps in Dallas that allow them to detoxify and s…Read More