Even though results may vary from person to person, our body wraps help most people lose quite a few inches off their waist, and in just one session. Even though a series of body wrap sessions is highly recommended, you can always come in for a last minute session that will help you look better for those nightly activities. We know just how difficult it is to lose weight quickly, which is the very meaning of our existence. If  you live in the Dallas area and you’re looking for a place to go and relax while losing weight, then there is no better place than ours.

You’ll love our W.I.W. Infrared Weight Loss Wrap and everything it brings to your desires. For only a mere $155, you’ll receive a detox that will incur a weight loss of 1 to 5 lbs. Although these results vary from person to person, we typically see weight losses that average in this median range. You’ll be resting, cocooned in a European Slimming Blanket, as you experience heat that will raise your body temperature by a few degrees. The infrared rays themselves stimulate your fat cells, forcing them to release built-up toxins. As these toxins are safely excreted, you’ll find that you’ll lose up to 3600 calories.

All we want is for you to have the chance for us to show you what our body wraps can do for you! Within just an hour, you’ll experience weight loss at a rate that you’ve most likely never seen before. Here at Wrapped In Wellness, you’ll find a detoxifying treatment that will show you the very definition of… fast weight loss!

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