Our Level 2 Weight Loss Wraps are ideal if you’re looking for the Best of Both Worlds. These services combine the detox, inch loss and weight loss wraps to bring you multiple benefits in one powerful treatment.

POWER BODY WRAP (For Members Only)  $175 –  Member $87.50

Burn calories, lose inches, and shed weight in one treatment!* We’ll begin your treatment with an M’LIS Body Buff while you rest for 30-minutes in our innovative infrared blanket to burn calories, open pores, and stimulate circulation. Next, enjoy an application of M’LIS Contour Cream to stimulate lymphatic circulation. Once the internal body detoxification process begins, we apply warm aloe-soaked bandages to stimulate maximum inch loss. Indulge in four of our most effective treatments designed to deliver maximum inch loss and detoxification to stimulate weight loss.

*Results may vary.

W.I.W. TURBO WRAP – $150 – **Introductory Offer**  $125** – Member Price: $92.50

Lose inches, weight, and detoxify your body — all in one treatment — with our Signature Triple Duty Turbo Body Wrap.* Your treatment begins with a relaxing application of our thermogenic body wrap gel, followed by a compressing contour wrap using aloe-soaked bandages. This treatment focuses on target areas for ultimate inch loss. You are then cocooned in our WIW Infrared Body Wrap Heat Blanket where you can relax and unwind for 50 minutes. This treatment is designed to reduce toxin levels, decrease body fat, smooth and hydrate your skin, and stimulate maximum weight loss and inch loss.

*Results may vary.

*Please keep in mind that services may vary based on location.