Last week on our W.I.W. Blog we discussed daily tips to help diminish cellulite from home. Today we’ll focus more in depth on the technique of dry bushing.  Dry Brushing helps tighten skin, reduces cellulite and improves circulation along with exfoliating your skin to be silky smooth. It’s also been said to help with bloating, by stimulating your lymphatic system and flushing out excess water and toxins.

Dry brushing is super easy to do, it is exactly what it sounds like… brushing your skin with a dry brush using a specific technique. You want to first purchase a dry brush with natural bristles that are firm, you can find this pretty much at any health store.  Its recommended before showering, your skin and the brush both need to be dry before applying.


Starting at your ankles you want to brush in an upward pattern making small circles. You want to use firm pressure and brush toward the heart. This is the natural pattern your lymphatic flow makes. Once you have finished your legs you will want to move to your arms, stomach and then shoulders. Your skin should be flushed a little which is normal but it should not hurt (if so your pressure is to firm).

Dry Brushing is GREAT to do at home before coming in and receiving one of our W.I.W Inch Loss Body Wrap or Weight Loss Wrap.  Call us at 214-219-9727 to schedule your appointment at our Dallas or Fort Worth Location.