Feel Great and Schedule a Body Wrap

The new year has finally arrived, and many women are doing their part to stick to their New Year’s resolution of getting into the best shape of their lives and feeling the very best they can about the body they have. Whether you’re working out and eating right or trying a new health craze, such as a spa wrap at Wrapped in Wellness, giving back to yourself is a must. Plus, when you put time and effort into making yourself the very best you can be, you may be able to lose those stubborn pounds of belly fat you’ve been trying to melt off.


What should you expect if you schedule a spa wrap?

There is a surplus of ingredients used in spa wraps. These may include honey, rosemary, eucalyptus, clay, butter and chocolate. Although this sounds like you’ll be wrapped up in a kitchen or garden, we promise you that’s not the case! These kinds of ingredients used in our spa wraps promote moisturization, relaxation and weight loss. If you’re specifically looking to slim down and detoxify your body or are someone who deals with cellulite, a spa wrap may be a great way to tone up and feel great about yourself.

What is a spa wrap?

Years ago, when body wraps were first introduced to the spa market, spa professionals would use linen sheets to wrap you up and give you the spa treatment you paid for. Nowadays, however, body wraps are done with herbal wraps, hot towels and more.  In the past, they were used by celebrities and had a notion that they were only to be used by the rich and famous, but that’s not the case! Although they can be someone pricey, at Wrapped in Wellness, we keep our prices affordable for all clients to experience relaxation, hydration and toning like they’ve never experienced.

What are the benefits of body wraps?

Spa body wraps are beneficial in many ways, on the flip side, you shouldn’t believe everything that you hear. Body wraps are the perfect solution to detoxify your skin, but not your body. There is no scientific evidence that points to a body wrap “detoxifying” you. Instead, what a spa means when they advertise a detoxifying body wrap is that the wrap will detoxify your skin. This means that you can expect the impurities in your skin to be pulled out, not those in your kidneys or liver. You can expect your skin to feel moisturized, toned and clear of gunk stuck in your pores after the spa wrap is complete.

Furthermore, you may have heard that body wraps help you lose weight. While this may seem true if you’ve had a spa wrap before, it’s not entirely the truth. A body wrap will make your skin feel tighter which in turn gives you a feeling of having lost weight; however, it’s only temporary and is not a long-term weight loss tool. Instead, use body wraps to make you feel ready to get into your bikini this summer or the wedding dress for your big day, but don’t rely on a spa wrap alone to drop the stubborn pounds for you.

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