Fit For Fall

All month we have been talking about different ways to Get Fit For Fall! This is our last week and I have saved the best for last 😉 Healthier recipes for your favorite Fall treats. If you are a client of mine we have probably talked once or twice about my favorite “healthier” indulgence because I have the worst sweet tooth. So being able to pull together some of my favorite deserts without the guilt and sharing them with all of you is just fab!

So, one of my favorite desert of all time is CHEESECAKE and when they start adding pumpkin to the mix you’ve got the perfect fall treat! This recipe is not only easy but guilt free with only 148 calories. No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake

These Berry Nachos are the perfect thing to serve at your holiday party you can double or triple the recipe with no problems and it’s a twist on the traditional desserts. These are low in sugar and only 196 Calories

One of my favorite sides during the holidays is the sweet potato casserole. However, it is LOADED with sugar, so for the past few years I have been searching for different recipes to include that tasty side dish with our doing so much damage to my healthy lifestyle. This year I will be trying this Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes Recipe.  The nutritional content is so much better than that of normal sweet potato casserole, and you will impress any guest with this simple but elegant dish.

We hope you have enjoyed our Fit For Fall Series on the Blog this month! Remember If you need extra help on your weight loss or wellness goals stop by our Dallas or Fort Worth Location today. We can create customized meal plan, customized service regimen, and provide nutritional & exercise tips.


~Sarah T.