One could say that we are just a little obsessed with body wraps here at Wrapped in Wellness, though we prefer to say that we are simply passionate about them. Passionate because of the health and beauty benefits that we see our clients experience day after day. We must admit however, that there are some clients that don’t attain the same level of benefits as others. In order to achieve the best possible outcome with your weight loss body wrap, try to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Not properly preparing ahead of time. Preparing your skin before wrapping can make a world of difference. Make sure to exfoliate before coming to the spa to clear away dead skin cells and to open up your pores. Open pores allow the wrap’s properties to more fully penetrate your skin. 
  • Not thoroughly hydrating. Body wraps work by pulling and extracting toxin-filled water out of the body’s cells. If you are properly hydrated the amount of water being extracted is minimal, diminishing the overall results.
  • Not being wrapped tightly enough. A body wrap must not be loose in any area if it is to do its complete job of removing toxins from all over. Make sure to tell your wrap professional if any area feels the least bit loose.
  • Not properly measuring beforehand. Measuring before and after is really the only surefire way to know exactly how well a wrap worked for you. Make sure to measure in all the same places before and after.
  • Not coming back for follow up wraps. A single wrap gets good results; multiple wraps get great results.

Wrapped in Wellness experts can help you get all of the results you are hoping for with a body wrap. Visit us at our location in either Fort Worth or Dallas for the best in weight loss body wraps.