Find the Right Inch Loss Wrap for You

At Wrapped In Wellness, we offer a variety of body wrap treatments designed to help you look and feel healthier, enhance your natural beauty, and rejuvenate your self-confidence. Whether you want to lose a few inches to fit into that little black dress from high school, or you want to look toned and slim for your big wedding day, you can achieve immediate inch loss with slimming body wraps. The best part is, body wraps, especially detoxifying body wraps, are beneficial for your whole-body health by stimulating healthy circulation, smoothing the skin, and eliminating toxins from the body. Talk to our body wrap specialists to determine which treatment is best for you. Be sure to ask about our Membership Program!


EXPRESS LA SLIM WRAP – $95 **Introductory Offer: $85**  Member Price: $47.50

A great service for Clients wanting Skin Tightening, and Inch Loss in Specific Problem Areas.  Our 2 Target Area Inch Loss Body Wrap  uses  Signature Slimming Concentrate and unique compression technique to help combat the Battle of the Bulge in Two Target Areas.   Aloe and Mineral soaked Compression wraps are applied for Skin Tightening, Inch Loss and Contouring of  Two areas of your choice.  ADD ON ULTIMATE TREATMENT FOR JUST $25.

**Target Wraps are not Full Body Detox Wraps and do Not Come with the Wrapped In Wellness 6 Inch Guarantee **Only partial measurements, if any, are provided with Target Level Wrap Services.

STOMACH WRAP – $85   Member Price: $42.50

Great for the Client wanting to Lose those not so Lovely, Love Handles. Our Targeted Wrap uses our slimming solution and compression technique to help combat the battle of the Bulge in the Stubborn Mid-Section.    Aloe and Mineral soaked Compression wraps are applied for  Skin Tightening, Inch Loss and Contouring of the Stomach, Waist, Love Handles and Lower back.  ADD ON ULTIMATE TREATMENT FOR JUST $15.

Level 1 Inch Loss Body Wraps **Introductory Offers for New Clients ONLY**

CONTOUR BODY WRAP  – $125 – **Introductory Offer: $100** Member Price: $62.50

Our Full Body Contour wrap is the perfect solution for clients wanting to see immediate inch loss, reduce cellulite and tighten and tone skin all in just ONE HOUR. While you are wrapped up relaxing you will be able to watch a movie or just recline in our oversized massage chairs and let our celebrity approved LA Slim Wrap solution and excellent wrapping techniques do all the work for you.  * This Inch Loss Body Wrap DOES come with a 6 Inch Guarantee.

**A series of wraps is suggested to reach your maximum Detoxification and Inch loss potential.Clients typically experience 6-30 inch*  in Just One Hour.  For Best Results, 6-12  wraps within 5-7 days apart. *results may vary from person to person *3rd party endorsement:

M’LIS DETOX BODY WRAP – $125  **$125 INTRODUCTORY OFFER: $100**  Member Price: $62.50

First the soothing contour cream will be applied all over and stimulates circulation to your cellulite prone areas, stimulates lymphatic flow along with removing trapped waste and impurities in your connective tissues. Then you will be wrapped with plastic wrap that acts as an acupressure to push the lymphatic fluid up into the thoracic valve, circulating the toxins back into the blood stream to get filtered out through the liver and the kidneys, promoting permanent inch loss. *This Wrap Does Not Come with a 6 Inch Guarantee.  

**Wraps are often sold in a series of treatments to maximize inch loss and cleansing.**

Level II Inch Loss Body Wraps Combination Detox Spa Body Wraps

ULTIMATE BODY WRAP -** $150 Introductory Offer: $125**  Member Price: $75

Get the best possible Detox and Inch loss with our Ultimate Body Wrap Combination A Body Buff is performed prior to our M’Lis Detox Contour Crème application to give the best possible internal detox. After the internal cleanse cream is applied, we wrap the body in warm elastic bandages soaked with our proprietary Mineral solution, allowing for maximum detoxification and the best possible inch loss. After being completely wrapped, we saturate the bandages to give maximize tightening and toning results. The end result, maximize detoxification, with ongoing inch loss for up to a week. * This Wrap DOES come with a 6 Inch Guarantee.

BODY CONTOURING WRAP WITH BODY BUFF– $140   ** Introductory Offer: $100  **  Member Price:  $70

Detox wrap and increase results. Increase inch loss results and diminish appearance of cellulite of your Body Wrap with a Brisk Body Buff.  The Body Buff increases circulation and open pores, allowing our solution to penetrate the pores. After the Body Buff the Contour Wrap for Detoxification and Inch Loss. The result, enhanced Inch loss, and softer, smother skin.  * This Wrap DOES come with a 6 Inch Guarantee.

W.I.W TURBO WRAP – $150 **Introductory Offer: $125**  Member: $75

Lose Inches, weight and Detox all in one treatment with our Signature Triple Duty Turbo Body Wrap. Your service begins with a vigorous dry brushing and application of our concentrated body wrap gel, followed by a Body Contouring Wrap focusing on target areas for inch loss. You are then cocooned in our WIW Infrared Heat Blanket for 50 minutes. The result-reduced toxin levels, decreased body fat, smooth hydrated skin, weight loss and inch loss.

Level III

POWER BODY WRAP (For Members Only) Normal Price: $175  Member: $87.50

Burn Calories, Lose Inches and Weight in one Powerful Plateau Busting Session Begin your service with a MLIS Body Buff and 30 minutes in Infrared Blanket to burn calories, open pores and stimulate circulation. Followed by an application  of our  MLIS Contour cream to stimulate the lymphatic circulation. Once the internal detoxification process begins, we apply warm Aloe soaked bandages to stimulate maximum inch loss. Four of our most effective treatments Resulting in Maximum Inch Loss, Detoxification, and stimulation of Weight Loss.