There are few things as relaxing as a trip to the spa, and receiving a body wrap treatment is a terrific way to relax as well as see and feel a visible difference in your spirit and body. There are several types of specialized body wraps offered these days, and the Experts at Wrapped In Wellness  of Dallas/Fort Worth is the ideal place to try one out. Exfoliation, Soothing Herbs and Aloe, Fat Melting Infrared Treatments and numbers Detoxifying Slimming Treatments are all fantastic options we can help you choose to suit your individual body wrap needs.

After a blend of products is applied to your body, you will enjoy some calming quiet time while you are all wrapped up watching a Movie, read a book or take a nap.  The best part about your treatment is that You can look forward to exiting the spa after your treatment feeling a splendid sense of physical and mental renewal.

Take a closer look at some of the impressive benefits that a body wrap at the spa can provide:


Our all-natural body wrap elements help detoxify the skin by helping draw toxins and impurities from the skin through the pores. The results of a body wrap are noticeable immediately; the tone and appearance of your skin are improved once the toxins have been removed, giving skin youthful, radiant glow and a visible difference.

Deeply Moisturized Skin

Body wraps are renowned for their incredible ability to hydrate thirsty skin, which is exactly why they are sought out by those who want a more luminous complexion. A nourishing body wrap can give skin a supple, smoother appearance.

Remove Dead Skin

Often the primary step before a body wrap is applied, an exfoliation treatment is applied to effectively lift dead skin cells away from the skin’s surface. The outer layer of your skin will have a more even look and glow-from-within radiance.

Immediate Weight Loss or Inch Loss

Body wraps are a popular choice for individuals who have an upcoming important event to attend because they can give the body a sleeker appearance that for some individuals after 4-6 treatments can equal dropping a dress size. Since the body holds onto excess toxins and water, a body wrap is a great tool when you want to flush them out, leaving you with skin that appears tighter and more toned.

Achieve Complete Relaxation

The physical benefits of a body wrap are often the biggest reason to get one, yet the process itself can be relaxing as well. The calming downtime that is built into a body wrap treatment provides a lovely break from the stresses of reality.

Body Wraps at Wrapped In Wellness

Why not treat yourself to a much needed body wrap at Wrapped In Wellness? The calming yet detoxifying effects of the Aloe and Herbal Body Wrap Treatment will be much needed “me time” as well as the wanted results you’ve been looking for.

So, what are you waiting for?  You have nothing to lose but inches.