Weight Loss Body Wraps Dallas

How would you rather spend your next hour? Sweating it out at a gym, huffing and puffing uncomfortably while trying burn off that big weekend breakfast or resting comfortably and relaxing quietly while burning the same calories? While thousands file into the gym to spend an hour torturing themselves, Wrapped in Wellness clientele are enjoying body wraps in Dallas that allow them to detoxify and slim down, burning literally thousands of calories per hour. Compare your favorite workout with the results that we see daily here at Wrapped in Wellness and decide how you would rather spend an hour.

  • Run on a treadmill for an hour and burn about 650 calories or walk and see 400 calories burnt.
  • If you prefer to be outdoors for your workout, hiking will help you go through about 500 calories where biking will burn 650.
  • Engaging in a much more regimented exercise program like a Boot Camp workout will help you ignite about 800 calories.
  • Like the rowing machine? You’ll expend almost 675 calories in an hour on the apparatus.
  • Swimming for an entire hour gets rid of approximately 490 calories.
  • Think you’ll cleanse for an hour and get rid of calories? Good luck with that.

While sitting and watching a movie won’t help you burn calories of any decent amount, watching the same movie while wrapped in a detoxifying body wrap can help you lose anywhere from six to 30 inches. Lay on an infrared massage bed swaddled in the same weight loss body wrap and you’ll see a loss of 2500-2500 calories within that hour; this equates to almost two pounds of weight loss.

Going to the gym is, of course, always recommended. But if you are looking for real results, real fast, weight loss body wraps in Fort Worth and Dallas allow you to experience quick weight and inch loss. Schedule your consultation and body wrap through our website or by calling our friendly staff at any of our locations.