There is a lot of talk about fat loss vs weight loss vs water loss in the body wrap industry. It’s often misunderstood about just what a weight loss body wrap helps people achieve. Critics of the use of body wraps for weight loss continue to perpetuate the myth that the reduction in pounds and inches body wrap clients are experiencing is actually from a loss of water weight.  Because the weight loss body wraps we use in our Fort Worth and Dallas locations are infused with natural and detoxifying organic compounds, the results are longer lasting than just that of typical water loss. True detoxification takes place, allowing for real fat loss and a reduction in BMI.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and is the measurement calculated by dividing one’s weight in pounds by the square of one’s height and is used as an indicator as to the percentage of body fat present within an individual. Weight loss body wraps, not only help in the removal of toxins from the body, but aid in fat reduction, therefore lowering a person’s BMI. Our clients consistently experience real weight loss through intense calorie burning and detoxification. These results have lasting effects and have an accumulative effect that are only intensified by a proper and healthy diet and exercise regimen.

Experience for yourself what the real and documented results are with body wraps in Dallas & Fort Worth . Lose real fat, discard real toxins and lower your BMI all while enjoying quiet relaxation within the Wrapped in Wellness Spa.