Some of the best ideas in business actually come from the clients themselves. Which is the case with our Wrapped in Wellness membership club. Our most loyal clients requested a way to be able to enjoy a much needed service whenever possible while saving money. Based on your awesome feedback, we have created a membership program where clients can receive discounts and enjoy other exclusive perks. And our memberships are based on different price points so you can choose the program level that is right for you. The perks of membership include:

  • 40-75% off Regular Service Prices
  • 1-4 Sessions per month*
  • Free 3 Day Detox Menu
  • 50% Discount on additional sessions per month
  • 20% Discount on products
  • Priority Booking
  • Monthly Member Product Specials and Perks
  • Referral Program
  • Birthday Bonus
  • Share your Membership Discounts with Family & Friends
  • W.I.W. Club Points
  • Convenient Freeze Options
  • Reduced Add On Services

You’ll also receive priority booking on any detox, inch-loss, tanning or facial service of your choice. These memberships are ideal for our Maintenance Mode and Transformation Mode clients that want to see continued, progressive results on an on-going basis. Weight loss body wraps are a great choice for including a membership option because of their stellar results over time.  Check our site often and regularly for Current Club W specials for bigger savings.

Wrapped in Wellness’ expert staff is passionate about helping clients in their quest to live healthier, feel better and look fantastic. Wrapped in Wellness has been a top-rated local® choice for weight loss body wraps in Dallas and Fort Worth. Call to schedule your appointment today at 214-516-7183.