1. Sun-kissed and Slim with Body Wraps and Airbrushing

    There are some very special occasions where we hope to look our very best. Birthdays, proms, first dates and weddings all make us want to bring out the best in ourselves; accentuating the positive while diminishing the negative. We've all been in the position at one time or another and understand the desire to uncover our natural beauty. Though the sun provides the natural, beautiful youthful glow…Read More

  2. Real Results, Real Quick with Weight Loss Body Wraps

    How would you rather spend your next hour? Sweating it out at a gym, huffing and puffing uncomfortably while trying burn off that big weekend breakfast or resting comfortably and relaxing quietly while burning the same calories? While thousands file into the gym to spend an hour torturing themselves, Wrapped in Wellness clientele are enjoying body wraps in Dallas that allow them to detoxify and sl…Read More

  3. More than Just Your Average Body Wrap

    At Wrapped in Wellness, though we focus on, and specialize in, body wraps in Dallas and Fort Worth, we also offer other beauty treatments meant to rejuvenate and pamper you from head to toe. You could say that we have all of your beauty needs all wrapped up. Erase the ravages of time and stresses of life with one of the various facials that we offer. Our line of facials are specifically matched to…Read More

  4. Get the Best Results From Your Body Wrap by Avoiding These Mistakes

    One could say that we are just a little obsessed with body wraps here at Wrapped in Wellness, though we prefer to say that we are simply passionate about them. Passionate because of the health and beauty benefits that we see our clients experience day after day. We must admit however, that there are some clients that don't attain the same level of benefits as others. In order to achieve the best p…Read More

  5. Weight Loss Body Wraps and Airbrush Tanning

    We all love the look of bronzed, beautiful skin that shimmers under the sun. We're not so wild about the damage overexposure to the sun causes though. So what's a girl to do when that perfect sun-kissed look is desired but she wants to avoid spending too much time in the sun? Many of our clients, who know us for our amazing weight loss body wraps in Dallas and Fort Worth, trust us to also provide …Read More

  6. Save Big on Body Wraps With a W.I.W. Membership

    Some of the best ideas in business actually come from the clients themselves. Which is the case with our Wrapped in Wellness membership club. Our most loyal clients requested a way to be able to enjoy a much needed service whenever possible while saving money. Based on your awesome feedback, we have created a membership program where clients can receive discounts and enjoy other exclusive perks. A…Read More