85% More Confident!

85% More Confidence. 

I turned 40 a little over 3 years ago and everything went to Hades.  I had my first stomach pudge, cellulite came out of no where and I could not seem to lose weight no matter what I Did.  In fact I would work out, eat right and I would actually continue to gain.  It was VERY frustrating and I lost every piece of confidence I had.

The ONLY thing that has really helped me start feeling more myself is getting Body Wraps.  They have helped me look better in and outside of my clothes.  They were an excellent jump start to being motivated to do even better, eat even cleaner to continue the Detoxification that I was doing.  The results were more visible and longer lasting and I really like how smooth my skin felt and looked after each service.

But I really like how my husband chases me around again.  LOL :) I have a little ways to go but I feel so much better about myself that I ABSOLUTELY can not complain.

Thank You Guys