Helping Me Lose Inches for School Reunion

No one “considers” me overweight but I really wanted to tighten up and lose inches in my stomach and back areas for a dress I was wearing to a School reunion.  I heard the Wrapped In Wellness from a Co-Worker and decided to give it a try.  I had tons of questions for the ladies because I nervous of  being wrapped up all over for a long time. They told me that my head and face wouldn’t be covered and that they’d after they wrapped me they would keep a close eye on me during my relaxation time. Everybody was so nice and reassuring, once I was wrapped I actually drifted off to sleep in the massage chair.


When the young lady woke me up and unwrapped me, she measured me again and I’d lost 2 inches in my back and 1 1/2 in my stomach. On the FIRST VISIT!  I couldn’t believe it, the results were actually visible.  All that stressing for nothing.  I’ll be going back again next week.  🙂


Joyce B