1. 17 Inches and 1.6 pounds Lost with Turbo Body Wrap

    I had the most pleasant and worthwhile experience at Wrapped In Wellness Spa this past weekend.  I went in to receive a detox wrap to get ready for a wedding and I lost over 17 inches and 1.6 pounds in just 1 hour during my service. The staff was very nice and made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire service. I even got to watch on of my favorite movies while just laying on a massage t…Read More

    Jessica K
  2. My Body Wrap Results…Had to see it to Believe It.

     GREAT EXPERIENCE HERE!  I've never had a wrap before in my life and I was truly skeptical that a wrap would even make a difference in the way my body looked, but I wanted to try it out anyway. PROS: The facility is very clean and nicely decorated. The staff is very friendly and down to earth. The results of the contour body wraps are amazing. There are multiple locations around the metroplex wh…Read More

    Demetria C
  3. Helping Me Lose Inches for School Reunion

    No one "considers" me overweight but I really wanted to tighten up and lose inches in my stomach and back areas for a dress I was wearing to a School reunion.  I heard the Wrapped In Wellness from a Co-Worker and decided to give it a try.  I had tons of questions for the ladies because I nervous of  being wrapped up all over for a long time. They told me that my head and face wouldn’t be c…Read More

  4. 85% More Confident!

    85% More Confidence.  I turned 40 a little over 3 years ago and everything went to Hades.  I had my first stomach pudge, cellulite came out of no where and I could not seem to lose weight no matter what I Did.  In fact I would work out, eat right and I would actually continue to gain.  It was VERY frustrating and I lost every piece of confidence I had. The ONLY thing that has really helped me …Read More


    Thank you Wrapped In Wellness.  I am so glad I tried this Wrap! I got a MLIS Wrap a week ago and noticed a huge difference after one Just One session.  My favorite improvement is the contouring.  I can already see a difference in my waist and the reduction in cellulite.  My skin feels soft and firm!  I went in for my 2nd MLIS wrap yesterday and I was soooo very excited this morning when I fit…Read More

  6. Our Grooms Success Story

    I came to Wrapped In Wellness 3 Months Before my Wedding.  I had a goal in mind and really they helped me achieve it.  I came every 2 weeks and followed their nutrition suggestions and post instructions between wraps and I had a better results than I could have imaged.   I lost and inches and went down 2 pant sized, but even more surprisingly my wife said she  could really see a major differe…Read More

  7. 17 Inches First Visit

    My sister gave me a gift certificate to Wrapped In Wellness .  I had my doubts about  the whole thing.  Fat chance that I was gonna lose 6-30 inches and anything I did lose would probably be just water weight that would come back in a couple of days.  Even after the girl told me if I didn’t  gain weight, the results  would stay off for at least six weeks I wasn’t convinced.  Well, I los…Read More

  8. Wrapped In Wellness is a great find.

    I’ve been going in for wraps and Infrareds for over a year now (not as regularly as I’d like) and have found the place a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  The atmosphere is calm and soothing, the wrap techs are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  In my first wrap, I lost more than 20 inches total!  My skin felt soft, my mind and body felt relaxed, my jeans we…Read More