Wrapped in Wellness

Absolutely No Exercise Required for any Wrapped in Wellness Inch or Weight Loss Services

Helping Me Lose Inches for School Reunion

No one "considers" me overweight but I really wanted to tighten up and lose inches in my stomach and back areas for a dress I was wearing to a School reunion.  I heard the Wrapped In Wellness from a Co-Worker and decided to give it a try.  I had tons of questions for the ladies because I nervous of  being wrapped up all over for a long time. They told me that my head and face wouldn’t be c…Read More

85% More Confident!

85% More Confidence.  I turned 40 a little over 3 years ago and everything went to Hades.  I had my first stomach pudge, cellulite came out of no where and I could not seem to lose weight no matter what I Did.  In fact I would work out, eat right and I would actually continue to gain.  It was VERY frustrating and I lost every piece of confidence I had. The ONLY thing that has really helped me…Read More


Thank you Wrapped In Wellness.  I am so glad I tried this Wrap! I got a MLIS Wrap a week ago and noticed a huge difference after one Just One session.  My favorite improvement is the contouring.  I can already see a difference in my waist and the reduction in cellulite.  My skin feels soft and firm!  I went in for my 2nd MLIS wrap yesterday and I was soooo very excited this morning when I fit…Read More

Our Grooms Success Story

I came to Wrapped In Wellness 3 Months Before my Wedding.  I had a goal in mind and really they helped me achieve it.  I came every 2 weeks and followed their nutrition suggestions and post instructions between wraps and I had a better results than I could have imaged.   I lost and inches and went down 2 pant sized, but even more surprisingly my wife said she  could really see a major differ…Read More


17 Inches First Visit

My sister gave me a gift certificate to Wrapped In Wellness .  I had my doubts about  the whole thing.  Fat chance that I was gonna lose 6-30 inches and anything I did lose would probably be just water weight that would come back in a couple of days.  Even after the girl told me if I didn’t  gain weight, the results  would stay off for at least six weeks I wasn’t convinced.  Well, I los…Read More

Wrapped In Wellness is a great find.

I’ve been going in for wraps and Infrareds for over a year now (not as regularly as I’d like) and have found the place a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday living.  The atmosphere is calm and soothing, the wrap techs are very friendly, professional and knowledgeable.  In my first wrap, I lost more than 20 inches total!  My skin felt soft, my mind and body felt relaxed, my jeans we…Read More