Body wraps have been part of history since the early 1980s, maybe even a little earlier. Back in the 1980s and early 90s, body wraps made their debut to the world. Decades ago, body wraps were made from linen sheets and many of the body wraps we know of today were referred to as herbal wraps. These wraps eventually became plastic and some were replaced by thermal blankets.

Services Varied

The services varied from wrap to wrap; however, most of the wraps were done in a darkened room to create a relaxing environment. The atmosphere included soft music and flickering candles while you were wrapped on a massage table. With a thermal blanket on the bottom, then plastic followed by towels, the client would be wrapped from their shoulders to their feet and kept warm.

Prior to the Wrap

Prior to the wrap came the mud scrub, green apple and pear scrub or other scrub options. What’s the point of these scrubs? They were designed to pull out toxins from your body through sweat and exfoliation. Typically, you would relax in the darkened room lit by flickering candles, surrounded by soft music, on a warm table for 30 to 45 minutes before being unwrapped.

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During the Wrap

During the 30 to 45 minutes of relaxation on the massage table, you’ll have a warm thermal blanket under and on top of your body. During this time, your body will sweat and pour out toxins it has been unable to get rid of on its own.

After the Wrap

After you’ve been relaxing and detoxing, you will be unwrapped and instructed to cool down slowly in a shower. Your skin will feel extremely smooth, and you’ll feel great. Some clients even describe their experience as feeling lighter after their appointment.

Types of Body Wraps

There are many different body wraps you’ll want to try! Wraps from moisturizing and detoxifying to slimming are available at Wrapped in Wellness. We don’t claim that our body wraps can cure cellulite, but we do know you’ll feel great and maybe even notice tighter skin after you’ve been unwrapped. You’d be surprised what detoxing can do to your body.

Avoiding Problems

We receive many questions  from individuals who have sensitive skin. If you’re an individual who has sensitive skin, it’s important to connect with us prior to your appointment. We’ll let you know what kinds of ingredients and fragrances are in our wraps, and which ones commonly irritate skin. Before your appointment, you’re encouraged to ask about the ingredients included in your wrap before booking the appointment. Additionally, if you’re concerned an ingredient we use in our body wrap won’t mesh well with a medication you’re taking, reach out to your doctor.

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