Summer has arrived and every other commercial on the radio and television are how to reduce cellulite, the newest technology, or non-invasive ways to get your body ready for swimsuit season. With so much information out there and mixed reviews we wanted to bring to you a comparison of the hottest cellulite removal services so you can make the choice to help you feel your best this summer. 

Contour Body Wrap: Elastic Bandages that have been soaked in LA Slim Wrap solution are applied with advanced compression techniques to allow for detoxification, cellulite removal and inch loss. 

  • Guarantees 6-30 inches off entire body
  • Full body treatment 
  • Cellulite reduction, Skin Tightening and inch loss in one service.
  • Immediate results after 1 hour
  • Best/Lasting Results 4-6 Treatments
  • Average Cost: $300

Venus-legacy: Radio frequency causes thermal reaction under skin, which increases collagen and tightens skin.

  • 6-8 treatments recommended
  • Targeted
  • average cost $2300

Cool sculpting: Freezes fat cells and are flushed through lymphatic system.

  • Targeted
  • Can cause discomfort or brushing 
  • 3 weeks to 3 months to see results
  • Average cost $2,550

Laser Lipo: The laser is used in the deep fat to break up the fat cell walls, which allows the fatty oils to leak out and disrupts the cells for subsequent removal.

  • 6-8 treatments recommended
  • Targeted 
  • could cause uneven appearance in fat cells
  • results seen in a few days to a few weeks
  • Average Cost $4525

Vela shape: Uses a combination of suction, massage, radio frequency energy, and infrared light to shape the body, and reduce cellulite and inches.

  • Requires multiple treatments (3-8 depending on area being treated)
  • Targeted
  • Can cause discomfort or bruising 
  • Average cost $350-$850

Overall, when you sum it up, with all the options around, Body Wraps offer a faster, less invasive, less expensive option for our clients to achieve their inch, weight loss and wellness goals.  With the all important benefit of a Full Body Detox Treatment, while simply sitting back in a massage chair and letting us do all the work for you.

So what are you waiting for, you have nothing to lose but inches.