The Real Benefits of Body Wraps

spa wraps arlingtonAre you an individual who would love to experience weight loss in a matter of minutes? Did you know this is possible? That’s right! At Wrapped in Wellness, you can experience losing 6 – 30 inches in as little at 60 minutes while wrapped up in our spa wrap in Arlington. In our previous post, we started giving readers the first two of five amazing benefits they’ll experience if they decide to give one of our body wraps a try, here are more wonderful benefits:

5 Benefits of Body Wraps Continued…

  1. Moisturization – When you decide to schedule a spa wrap at Wrapped in Wellness in Arlington, you’ll experience extreme moisturization. This means that every single pore in your body will be filled with moisture, while pulling excess water from your body. Plus, when your spa wrap is complete, we’ll provide you with a lotion that will leave you feeling moisturized for days and even weeks.

  2. Detoxification – If you feel as though your skin could use a good detox, a spa wrap is your first step to detoxification. Skin detoxification is one benefit you can’t escape! Whether your body wrap is made from clay, mud, seaweed or algae, the wrap will pull many different toxins from your skin and body, leaving you with a mere, full-body detox with purified skin. This not only improves your skin tone, but acne as well.

  3. Relaxation – Relaxation is key to a healthy life. Enjoy relaxing for an hour wrapped with love!

To schedule your spa wrap with Wrapped in Wellness in Arlington, feel free to give us a call! We can usually provide clients with same-day appointments.