Our Wrapped In Wellness Programs are actually perfect for anyone wanting to lose inches, lose weight, diminish cellulite, as well as tighten and tone skin in a non-invasive way. Whether you have smaller goals to get ready for a specific event or if you’re wanting to lose a significant amount of weight or inches we have the right program for you.  Here are a few guidelines to help you figure out what the best program for you.


  • Are you someone who has recently lost weight or in the process of losing weight.
    • We recommend: A series of wraps is recommended every 3-5 pound to help keep your skin tight.
  • Are you a Bride getting ready for your big day, and need to lose a few inches off your upper body to help look and feel your absolute best?
    • We recommend: A series of 4-6 wraps is recommended before you last fitting.  As well as  4 wraps the month prior to your wedding to make sure your skin is tight, tone and feels amazing.
  • Are you simply unhappy with just a few stubborn trouble spots?
    • We recommend: A Series of Services to help even out you’re your silhouette.
  • Are you someone who exercises regularly and eats well but has unwanted cellulite that won’t go away.
    • We recommend: A Combination of Services we like to call Service Confusion.  Putting together a plan of services to help you overcome your plateau and tighten and tone along the way.
  • Or, Are you the client that needs that all-important Jump start to help you start your health, wellness and weight loss journeys.
    • We recommend: taking the time to use your Free Consultation with one of our Wellness Techs to put together a Partnership Plan to help you achieve Real Results, Real Fast.


Whatever your needs or your goals, we are here to guide you on the Ultimate Journey to help you achieve the results you’ve been looking to achieve.  We look forward to helping you Achieving that Goal.  In fact, it’s our favorite part of working here.


So, if you are ready to Feel and see Real Results, Real fast at a Reduced price, Call us at 214-219-9727 for Dallas or 817-924-9727 for Ft. Worth to schedule your appointment and start your series of Treatments today.