Whether you are looking to lose weight quickly, detoxify your body or simply pamper yourself, Wrapped in Wellness can assist with your particular body needs with a variety of spa services meant to renew and rejuvenate. With different levels of a variety of wraps, whatever your body wish, we help to make it come true. Using pressure and circulation, the contour body wrap aides the body in removing toxins and increasing circulation. Clients have experienced inch loss of up to 30 inches and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite while seeing an overall more toned and tightened look to the skin. Several treatments are recommended for continued results.

If you are looking to specifically target a certain problem area of your body, try the LA Slim Wrap. Using a proprietary solution meant to detoxify, this wrap is applied to one concentrated area of trouble and compresses it to release the toxins within. It is the perfect solution for those who need immediate results.

The Ultimate Body Wrap by Wrapped in Wellness offers the best possible inch loss and optimal detoxification. Beginning with a body buff and contour creme application, the detox process takes place after wrapping the body in warm elastic bandages that is soaked in our exclusive mineral solution, drawing out the most amounts of toxins in one session. Clients generally see continued  inch loss for up to a week with this ultimate body wrap.

As these are just a few of the myriad of options of weight loss body wraps that we offer we invite you to contact us for further information about your particular needs. As the top-rated local® choice for body wraps in Dallas, Wrapped in Wellness is proud to offer the most effective weight loss body wraps that Dallas and Fort Worth residents rave about. Call us for an introductory offer on select wraps at 214-516-7183 in Dallas and 817-857-6053 in Fort Worth.