Wedding season is right around the corner, which is why today the professionals at Wrapped in Wellness in the heart of Dallas is giving brides some insight as to when they should schedule their spa wrap and what kind of spa wrap is recommended. Here are the top slimming body wraps you recommended for brides:

Detox Wrap

Though wrapping your body with a blend of body buff and M’Lis Detox Contour Creme, you’ll not only experience an internal detox, but your skin will be soaked in proprietary minerals, giving it the most effective and maximizing detoxification possible for inch loss. During this wrap, your entire body will be wrapped from the neck down. The detox wrap will pull all the impurities from your pores, giving you toning and tightening results you want right before the big day.

Power Body Wrap

If you’re looking to burn calories, lose inches and lose pounds through a spa wrap, the powerful Plateau Busting Session is the perfect option for you. Through this spa wrap, you’ll begin your service with a M’Lis Body Buff and 30 minutes in an infrared blanket to burn calories, sweat and open pores which will stimulate circulation. Following the 30 minutes in an infrared blanket, your spa wrap will consist of M’Lis Contour Cream to stimulate more lymphatic circulation as well as an internal detoxification process with warm Aloe soaked bandages. This stimulates maximum inch loss over your entire body using the most effective treatments to stimulate weight loss.

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Chocolate Wrap

OK, we know what you’re thinking; you’d likely eat all of the chocolate off of your skin! But, it’s important you resist as much as possible. Although chocolate is delicious to devour, it’s just as good to your skin as it is your tastebuds. It not only revitalizes your skin to give it supple and smooth texture, but it help to reduce wrinkles with its skin-firming contributions. Hydrating your skin through warm, melted chocolate will help you radiate with hydration soaking into your pores. What’s more? It helps to eliminate cellulite too! Plus, who wouldn’t want to smell cocoa for an hour? In fact, did you know that the smell of cocoa releases the endorphin hormone which induces the feeling of wellbeing and happiness?

Contour Body Wrap

One of the simplest, yet revitalizing spa wraps available at Wrapped in Wellness is the Contour Body Wrap. During your appointment, you’ll receive a massage in our recliners, watch a movie or listen to your favorite spa music while you’re given an Advanced Compression Technique of our Body Contour Wrap. This wrap is the perfect solution if you’d like to see an immediate, visible difference, inch loss and diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. This service truly is the perfect choice before the big day.

Learn more and schedule your spa wrap a month before your big day to give your skin the time to become revitalized. Contact us online if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the body wraps available at Wrapped in Wellness in Dallas.