Service Confusion-
Wrapped In Wellness has come to be known as the Body Wrap Experts of the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  We have perfected the art of body wraps and body contouring  and have multiple service options to help facilitate our clients’ inch, weight, detoxification and health and wellness needs.   All the services offered at our Dallas-Fort Worth locations detoxify the body with the added benefit that keeps everyone coming back—immediate tightening, toning, and inch & weight Loss.   Which one will work best for you?   
Breakdown of our Inch Loss Spa Wraps:
    • Stomach Wrap – focuses on stomach, muffin tops, lower back
    • Express Wrap – Two Targeted Areas
    • Mlis Body Wrap – full body wrap with internal detox
    • Contour Body Wrap – full body wrap with external detox
    • Contour Body Wrap with Body Buff  – body buffed prior to full body wrap increase results  
    • Ultimate Body Wrap – Level II Combination Wrap provides both external and internal detox , providing maximum results.

Our Spa Weight Loss Wraps include:

    • Infrared Weight Loss Wrap – facilitates weight loss, decreases body fat and BMI (body mass index)  
    • Turbo Wrap – Level 2 Service–provides inch loss, and Weight Loss Simultaneously
    • Power Wrap – Level 3 Service providing Maximum Body Wrap Results to help our clients Power through Plateaus (For Members Only)

Our plethora of services provides the opportunity to address multiple concerns in your inch, weight, and health and wellness journeys.  Our members and clients have their favorites and stick to them religiously, but most use what we like to call, Service Confusion, alternating services to keep  the body guessing and address different areas of concern on a weekly or monthly basis.  we have found, over time, that the one combination that seems to work the best, is the Ultimate Wrap and Turbo Wrap Combination.  For clients that have a specific time frame and goal, this combination of service has absolutely helped brides, reunion goers, military personnel, new moms, etc.,  get just the results they were hoping for.  So if you are ready to see and feel a difference, start your journey to a new you Today.  

You have nothing to lose but inches.